Aimée Entertainment Agency

Founded in 1962 by Joyce Aimee, Aimee Entertainment Agency was formed with the specific goal of becoming a personalized boutique agency, where clients, agents and sponsors could always rely on an open-door policy. Based on ethics, integrity and good and fair business practices, combined with years of experience as a performer as well as a sub agent with other agencies, Joyce Aimee sought to fill a void left by the high-powered, mega agencies with their impersonal booking styles and minimal attention to their clients’ aspirations. Aimee Entertainment believes in building careers for artists – and listening carefully to the needs of casting directors, producers and bookers.

Helen Barkan

Helen Barkan (already a force in theatrical bookings) joined Aimee Entertainment in 1963 as head of the Theatrical Department. Over forty years later she is still much admired and an integral part of Aimee Entertainment. The agency trades lovingly call her “The Godmother of Agents.”

Helen Barkan has been a franchised theatrical agent for 40 years and currently heads the Motion Picture and Television Department at Aimee Entertainment Agency. Helen is also in charge of the Woman’s Club Department and has been associated with Aimee Entertainment since 1963. She has helped many young people establish their acting careers and guided them to stardom. Helen has been a guest lecturer and has conducted workshops and seminars at U.C.L.A. and many other colleges and universities. Ms. Barkan is listed as a top agent in the theatrical field in “Who’s Who of California Agents.” She is highly respected by key people in the industry as well as by her clients.

Sharif Ali

In 1999, Sharif Ali (a young and enthusiastic entrepreneur) and Joyce Aimee incorporated Aimee Entertainment Agency for the main purpose of developing a commercial department as well as expanding the literary division. He also represents actors theatrically.

Sharif Ali, originally from Boston, MA, majored in film at Emerson College. He is now Co-President of Aimee Entertainment Agency with Joyce Aimee. Previously he has worked for Roger Corman Productions, Twentieth Century Fox, and on numerous independent films. He created Aimee Entertainment’s Commercial Department in 1999. Shortly thereafter he began representing his actors in film and television as well. Sharif also heads the Literary/Special Projects Division where he represents scriptwriters and book authors. Some of Aimee’s clients include Cindy Rakowitz for “Rabbit Stew,” and B.C. Alden for “The Killing Blow.”

George Salinas

George Salinas joins Aimee Entertainment Agency as a Junior Agent, working in the theatrical department. George is also responsible for creating and running Aimee's new Voice-Over Department. Previously, George worked with Eliot Kasshoff at ICM in the theatrical department and with George Martinez at Screen Gems where they ran the Hispanic Division.

We continue to be committed to maintaining our goal as a viable agency, never losing sight of the ARTIST, treating all with equality and professionalism, and responsibly guiding careers.

If asked what does Aimee Entertainment Agency stand for – Ethics and Integrity.


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