About Joyce Aimée

Dubbed “The Chanteuse Dangereuse” by Josephine Baker during her six year engagement at the Hotel Pierre in New York City, Joyce Aimee was the darling of Café’ Society. However, Aimee was actually discovered and mentored by the venerable Milton Cross at the tender age of 3. With her titian curls, green eyes and freckles she was a regular on his children’s radio program ‘‘Coast to Coast on a Bus’’ broadcast every Saturday on W.J.Z., New York’s Blue Network.

Her career blossomed as she appeared in several Broadway Productions- including “The Little Show” with Libby Holman.

Born of a French mother and Russian father, she really has a gypsy in her soul, as her wanderlust attests.

In 1949 Aimee opened the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas with Vic Damone (after Bugsy was shot). Followed by many other engagements in Vegas, Reno, Lake Tahoe, Miami Beach, Havana, South America and Europe, Aimee then settled down for some serious music-making...

Recording contracts with Rialto, Crystalette and Dot Records and most recently her newest CD — “Once More With Feeling” as well as many appearances on T.V. including Ed Sullivan and Laverne and Shirley, etc., and motion pictures such as “The Way We Were” with Barbra Steisand, “Tall Tale” with Patrick Swayze, and the first internet movie, “Quantum Project” with John Cleese.

“My life is extremely interesting and adventurous,” she smiles. “I’m saving the dishy parts for my memoir.” Hmm! Joyce has traveled the world extensively and in “real life” founded the theatrical agency Aimee Entertainment in 1962 as well as a not-for-profit arts organization Americana in 1972. “My passion is unquenchable in the arts (especially dance) and I managed and produced the American Folk Ballet (for 25 years) and the American Dance Machine (for 10 years). I also managed the formidable Agnes DeMille until her passing.” Besides these labors of love Aimee has organized and produced award-winning Exhibitions the world over — the most acclaimed being the 15,000 sq. ft. “DeMille Dynasty” which attracted more than 3 million visitors. She has also produced Emmy, Golden Angel and Golden Cine award documentaries — and for 15 years has served with distinction as “Commissioner of the Arts in the County of Los Angeles.”

All this in addition to being widowed many years ago, raising two sons and entertaining all over the world. “And I’m only 32 years old...look at Beatrice Wood, my dear friend and one of the world’s great ceramicists- she lived to be 105. Secret? Chocolate and young men. I always tell my children- don’t collect things, collect people. SO I pack my “squeezebox” and I meet so many new friends. It’s a great life.” 

Joyce’s recent rare and special appearance at the Gardenia in Hollywood prompted Mr. Blackwell to sit up and take notice. He called her performance PURE MAGIC.

“She looked absolutely fabulous and had us all mesmerized with her inimitable charm and husky voice. Her cherry red hair set off her green eyes, and it was all framed with a retro Adrian dress. Joyce is one rare and magnificent performer that has the ability to tell life’s stories through song."

Blackwell’s People -There Will Never Be Another You…Joyce


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