Americana Dance Theatre, Inc (ADT) is a not-for-profit 501 (c)(3) arts organization, founded in 1972 by Joyce Aimee, to preserve American Folk History through the arts.

ADT has been the producer of numerous Dance Companies, such as:

  • The American Folk Ballet founded by Burch Mann – choreographer under the aegis of ADT for 25 years, encompassing 11 national tours, 7 international tours, as well as T.V. specials and documentaries.
  • The American Dance Machine founded by Lee Theodore – choreographer five years of tours throughout the world.
  • Agnes de Mille as choreographer, author and lecturer until her demise.
  • Grassroots America – a community outreach program of the American Folk Ballet, funded in part by a CETA Title VI grant from the City of Los Angeles.

ADT’s numerous books include:

  • American Profiles (2 Volumes of oral histories by older Americans)
  • Grassroots America (a dancer’s journal)
  • The De Milles, consultant to Anne Edwards – publisher Abrams.

ADT’s award-winning T.V. Documentaries include:

  • After the Ball A look at Seniors in Los Angeles. Winner USC Gerontology Award
  • Another Door A look at handicapped children and the arts. Award-Winner “A Very Special Arts Festival”
  • Penny Lane A year long residency with 12 through 18 year old youngsters in a half-way house. Winner: Golden Eagle Award
  • Agnes, The Indomitable DeMille Consultant to WNET – PBS – New York Winner: Emmy Award
  • The Far New Land The opening of the American West perceived in dance, song and story starring Burt Lancaster and the American Folk Ballet. Winner: Golden Angel
  • The De Mille Dynasty The story of an amazing American Family for AMC-TV – Cecil B., William and Agnes De Mille. Winner: Cine Award and Golden Eagle
  • The Hidden Art of Hollywood A behind the scenes look at production design for KCET – PBS – Los Angeles, CA. August 2004.

ADT’s Exhibitions include:

  • The De Mille Dynasty 1987-1990 Exploring the lives of a century of contributions of an extraordinary American family. Presented at the Century City Shopping Center in collaboration with the De Mille trust and The Museum of Science and Industry. Winner of numerous awards, the exhibit attracted more than 3 million visitors. It was documented in part by Architectural Digest.
  • Dressed for the Part 2000-2001, American Textile History Museum in Lowell, Mass. An in depth panorama of famous motion picture costumes and memorabilia from the early 1900’s.
  • The Provincetown Film Festival 2004 A retrospective of ICON film costumes from the collection of John LeBold and Americana.
  • The Way We Were 2003. Riverside Square, Hackensack, NJ. Selected costumes and artifacts from famous films.
  • A Hollywood Premiere 2004 Benefit for AIDS research at the Phoenician Hotel in Phoenix, AZ. Featured Hollywood Re-visited, Greg Shreiner’s collection of award-winning motion picture costumes with models, singers and dancers.
  • Cleopatra As Mirrored in Western Art 2004. Museum of Art and History, Geneva, Switzerland . In-depth Exhibition of depictions of Cleopatra throughout the ages.

Americana has also contributed to the costume collection and production for:

  • Planet Hollywood
  • Academy of motion Picture Arts & Sciences
  • Department Stores
  • Shopping Centers
  • Charity Benefits
  • Special Events

Americana’s Ameliorating Influences and Public Policy Issues include:

  • Who Owns the Water TV Production plus Town Hall meetings regarding water rights in Nevada.
  • Flight, Sound and Fury Town meetings regarding the controversy of the Hollywood- Burbank Airport.

Americana’s Festivals and Pageants:

  • The Odyssey of the American West Produced originally in 1972 at Utah State University, Logan, Utah. Still a major tourist attraction depicting the opening of the American West – narrated on tape by Jimmy Stewart. There is a Guest Live Host annually, i.e. Peter Strauss, Rory Calhoun, etc. Winner: The George Washington Freedom Foundation Medal, Valley Forge.

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