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The Silver Screen and the Motion Picture Dynasty

An overview of some of the major costume displays Americana has exhibited throughout the world.

These highly successful award-winning exhibitions have taken place in malls, shopping centers, department stores, theatres, museums, and other unique venues attracting millions of visitors while bringing a great deal of image and revenue to each site.

Our sponsors have been: Princess Alexandra Borghese of Rome, the late Emperor of Japan, the US Information Agency which conceived a 7 year tour throughout Russia, Bloomingdales 50th Anniversary, the Motion Picture Academy as well as many Foundation fundraising events including Elton John’s AIDS Foundation, annual Oscar party, Planet Hollywood (furnished costumes and memorabilia for most of their restaurants), the Museum of Science and Industry – Los Angeles, The Century City Shopping Center, the shops at Riverside, New Jersey, etc. to mention a few of the production highlights of this extraordinary collection.

The costumes, small props and rare memorabilia have been collected over a period of 50 years and include designs by world-famous Oscar winning coutouriers – i.e.: Edith Head, Adrian, Helen Rose, Travilla, Oleg Cassini – as well as extraordinary production designs, by Dan Sayre Groesbeck, Arnold Friberg and more.

The costumes include such icons as Judy Garland’s pinafore from the Wizard of Oz, Vivien Leigh’s drapery dress from Gone With the Wind, Marilyn Monroe’s gown in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes – Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Terminator 2 outfit, and Elizabeth Taylor’s classic strapless gown from A Place in the Sun, plus hundreds more.

Among the interesting props are the glamorous jewelry worn by Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra, the Golden Idol from Raiders of the Lost Ark, the tablets from the Ten Commandments carried by Charlton Heston as Moses. In addition there are literally thousands of posters, lobby cards and rare still photos.

And the legendary collection goes on and on. We would enjoy discussing further possibilities of displaying this superb, audience-friendly show at your venue. It is the type of production that appeals to a very broad demographic and will customize the Exhibit to your dimensions.
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What people/press is saying about The Motion Picture Dynasty Collection:

“Seeing this historic exhibition of movie nostalgia makes one wish we had a permanent home for this marvelous collection.”
- Tokyo Press

“I am still amazed and stunned at your absolutely fabulous collection.”
- Diana Vreeland, Metropolitan Museum of Art

“Has everything necessary to transport the visitor down the memory lane of Hollywood’s dream factory.”
- LA Times

“What a sumptuous treat! What a glorious collection! I had no idea that your collection was so vast and so very complete. It was an emotional experience!”
- Bette Davis

“The overall effect is dazzling, both educational and entertaining.”
- Edith Head

“A movie buff’s dream!”

- Vouge Magazine

“No matter whether you’re a sci-fi fan or a freak for big budget musicals, there’s bound to be something for you here.”
- Michael Medved, The 330 Show, KABC TV

“The first Hollywood memorabilia museum that has succeeded in a high quality presentation of a large collection.”
- Daily Breeze/News Pilot

“It’s about time, isn’t it? Isn’t it wonderful?”
- Janet Leigh on Entertainment Tonight

“Where Hollywood is put on display.”
- Dick Kleiner, Newspaper Enterprises Association

“A backlot bonanza of original costumes, props, stills and posters.”
- Daily News

“Best film nostalgia museum.”
- L.A. Weekly

“It’s as close as you can get to what was really happening.”
- Trish Van Devere on Entertainment Tonight

“Spotlights glamour and history.”
- Western’s World

“Contains the finest assemblage of memorabilia available to the public.”
- Long Beach Press Telegram

- Hollywood Progress

“if you want to visit a place that is the Hollywood of your imagination, to step into the world of the movies, then the Hollywood Museum is for you.”
- The USC Spectator


Designer, Collector

John LeBold is the owner and manager of one of the world’s largest private collections of elite Hollywood memorabilia. Forty-five years in the making, John LeBold’s collection features more than 1,500 articles of costumes, film props and accessories, as well as 3.5 million photographic stills and 50,000 posters and lobby cards from Hollywood’s greatest films.

LeBold leased part of his famous collection to Planet Hollywood for four years and serves as artistic advisor and researcher for the company. Additionally, items from his collection have been viewed by millions of film enthusiasts and officials on several prominent worldwide tours and exhibits, such as at the Princess Borghese Museum of Film exhibit in Rome, Italy. LeBold toured through Japan with his collection upon request of the Emperor, and the collection also toured Russia for seven years at the United States Information Agency’s request. This project received wide acclaim and resulted in the exchange of treasured Faberge` eggs. For Bloomingdale’s 50th Anniversary Celebration, LeBold showcased more than 200 costumes in 11 stores, with more than 11 million people visiting the costumes nationwide.

Previously, LeBold worked as an advisor and consultant to eight-time Academy Award-winning costume designer Edith Head. LeBold also worked with actress Debbie Reynolds as an organizer and costume purchaser for her upcoming Hollywood Museum.

In addition to managing his collection, LeBold regularly designs shows for organizations including the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. The Heart Fund, The Cancer Foundation and The Elton John AIDS Foundation.


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